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tv   Democrats Reaction to State of the Union  CSPAN  January 31, 2018 10:15am-10:59am EST

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in the way they did when he offered 1.8 million people having a pathway to citizenship. it felt like to me that the two parties in congress are still very far apart when it comes to getting to a deal on this. the president is trying to sell it to the public. host: you said the way he laid it out. before he began talking about immigration reform, he talked about the dangers specifically of ms 13. how can you -- can you explain how he directed the discussion over the course of the 15 minutes? guest: you can look at what he said last night and over the past few months. the president has repeatedly tied chain migration and the visa lottery to the westside terror that p or it would take you back life to the capital for the democrats reaction to the state of the union speech. congressman crowley: i am the chair of the democratic caucus
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along with the leader of the democratic caucus, nancy pelosi, and we will soon be joined by the assistant leader momentarily as well. the president failed yesterday once again to show leadership or a vision for our great nation. when too many americans are struggling economically, we deserve a real leader with both a vision for the future and the capacity to lead us there. from his racist, demonizing comments on immigrants to the inplete lack of any mention relation to securing our democracy, from the russian , the speech was not new or good, and it will not change fundamental dynamics of the nation moving forward. let me recognize the vice chair of the democratic caucus.
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>> thank you. good morning and thank you for being with us. the president last night eight overtures toward working together to achieve some priorities. but saying we should work -- in a in of bipartisan way is really different from actually achieving results. they are two entirely different things. evening'sely, one speech does not erase a conflict ridden, chaotic year that has driven our country even further apart. democrats have continually extended an offer to work together on the challenges our country faces and the american public demands we confront. each and every time, we have had the door slammed in our faces. it take action and not just me by the president and by congressional republican to reach across the aisle and bring the country together. the front page of the washington post today is a call for
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bipartisanship. democrats have been dialing that number for more than a year. it is up to the president and congressional republicans to answer the call and actually act on those words. step againstirst by finally addressing needs of dreamers. the priority has to long been pushed to the back burner. i think a simple solution on the table right now is available to us. there is a bipartisan bill that ised by pete scheduled for a floor vote, it would pass with the majority of members of congress, republicans sometimes,ts here in the simplest solution is best. let's not make it more complicated than it needs to be. let's passed the bill first and build bipartisan trust and goodwill. then we can have serious conversations about big andastructure bills
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competence of immigration reform. until we see serious action on the part of republican leadership to show they are actually willing to work with us and not just are giving us lipservice, it is all just talk. with that, i would like to introduce the leader of our caucus, nancy pelosi. pelosi: concert with the eagles in the morning after hooting with the owls last night, i commend all of you for -- commend all of you as well. this is a very transformative's reach for some of us last night because our expectations for greatness and vision with the president are not high. he stooped to a new low in terms of how he dealt with issues. for example, the immigration issue and what it has meant to our country and how he characterized it.
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the opioid academic, which is in every district in the country a challenge. many families, a tragedy, the president treated it in such a's disdainful way. it is one of the items on the agenda we are fighting for, increase funding for opioid in the discussion we are having on the parity issue and on the budget. had aight, the president speech of unwarranted comments toulatory knowledge her jensen ackles of the people me audience as if he had something to do with the successes they had achieved. course we also lit them. it is an interesting story, and more importantly, it is about the fabric of america that his speech was not about. of it is so sad. the president presents himself
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and his gop tax scam as something to help the middle class. forhe same time, it calls 86 million middle class families as he lies the top -- pockets of the top 1%. the president presents himself as generous toward dreamers but he is holding them hostage, the most extreme anti-immigrant agenda in generations. we heard more insulting words of ignorance and prejudice to our patriotic immigrant families last night. i remind you, and i have said this to his people. .his is a first in a long time president reagan was great on immigration. he did more than congress did after congress passed a bill. president george herbert walker bush was great on immigration. the two of them protected a higher percentage of people than barack obama did. with his executive orders.
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with their executive orders, they protected a higher percent. president clinton, president obama, president george w. bush the best presidents advocating for immigrants and what immigration means to america, key could not convince his own party. now a president, incomplete departure of republican presidents in modern times, republican and democrats but you expect the democrats but republican presidents in the road taking us down the just red meat for his base. the president presents himself as a man of egg ideas. he presents a lame and puny ,nfrastructure proposal completely underestimating or ignoring the infrastructure challenges. $200 billion over 10 years. that is $20 billion a year.
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he advertises at one point a $5 trillion agenda. again, giveaways. president trump is completely silent about russia's ongoing assault on our democracy. his administration's outrages refusal to propose sanctions. what is that about? 500 peoplegly, over voted for the sanctions? sanctions against russia. and the president is ignoring them. what to the russians have on him he, personally, financially, that he would ignore his responsibility in that regard? trump's first time in office was a wasted opportunity in meeting the needs of the american people. again. he had an opportunity for unity. we are always hopeful for that. instead of a hand of friendship as summit said, he presented a
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clenched fist. we were very proud of our response. ingressman joe kennedy massachusetts did such a beautiful job responding. delegate elizabeth of virginia responded beautifully and of aially on behalf of democratic point of view. democrats believe the american people deserve better than what the president talked about last night. they deserve a better deal, better jobs, better pay, and a better future. that is what they will work on. it freed me of my personal thoughts about the president. it is so much bigger than that. none of us can afford the luxury of minor disagreements. i yield to mr. hoyer: thank you very
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much. i think the floor reflected the deep disappointment, not only that we had last night at the president's beach, but what we have had in the last year with the president's performance. 2017, notll year, of on jobs bills, not an infrastructure bills, not on positive ways to lift up america, we spent literally the first three quarters of the year taking steps to undermine the health care of all americans. and increase the price of premiums of those who were lucky enough to have remaining coverage. then explained the last three months, forging and passing a tax bill that advantages, as the leader said, the 1%. 17% of alls a but
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the resources we will borrow, 1.5 chilean dollars, to those working men and women the president talked about last night and that the speaker talked about on the floor. try to put amp fresh coat of paint on a failing presidency. it didn't work. americans see through the rhetoric and understand the reality. the president has made our country less safe, less strong, and less proud over the past year. not less proud of our country and its basic sensible's, but less out of the failure to give to the rest of the world the leadership that they need and crave. where we have lost respect throughout the world. i do not know what pulls the president is looking at or who he is talking to but anyone who travels anywhere in the world
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knows that there is less respect for america and lest trust in america, which is dangerous. his speech was clearly not a unifying speech. he appealed to his partisan base. instead of reaching across the isle. his immigration proposal betrays family values and uses dreamers as a bargaining chip to harm other families. millions and millions of americans saw me sitting to the president's left and dick durbin sitting to the right and republicans and democrats sitting around the table. senator grassley and senator feinstein said we need to make sure that the daca protect these are protected. senator grassley said they did nothing wrong and they came to the country. let's deal with them first. let's protect them first. the president said yes.
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but he didn't mean yes. last night, he talked about putting a bipartisan proposal forward. i don't know a single democrat in america, not one, that believes what he offered was bipartisan. he was during what he said he would do and protect the daca folks first. he had a foot in and i am pleased at that, an expansion to 1.8 million people and a path to citizenship. that is what hehe said we should do. surprised that he did what he said because he couple that with a ciccone and proposal that was, -- truck home he and not a single comment on how he was going to pay for it.
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and frankly, 12 months later than he said. he also made false claims. he took credit for others' successes. he took credit for job creation under president obama one 2017 was the lowest job growth in six years. he made claims about his tax bill that have been debunked. he has given text cuts to the wealthy. the upper 1%. i tell people that the average person, which week or ryan $1082 and theive person at 1% will give $1098. will saygive -- he that is close. one thousand 82 is in one year. 1198 is in one week.
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restoring ours standing in the world. i cannot understand where he's getting his facts from or his information from, but he must be reading fake news because all over the world, we are seeing a reduction in the confidence of the leadership of united states the president's a disappointment and a missed opportunity. deserveican people better and let's hope they get better in the year ahead. >> thank you very much. last night, as many of you may have noticed, i sat on the floor in solidarity with the me too movement. i am a father of three daughters.
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they have had me calibrated on that issue. many were shawls and scarves in kinte colors. we did it to sit in solidarity , andhaiti, el salvador those countries on the continent of africa that were referred to by her president in a derogatory term. we thought it was necessary for us to demonstrate, as members of the congress, our displeasure with the president. from my daughters just after the speech and they sent
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me a picture that has been continents as my i sat on the floor. because, whatthat i consider to be the lowest point in the president's speech last night was when he said americans dream, too. we know that. i grew up dreaming. many of us still adhere very enunciated byeam martin luther king jr. back in 1963. but to use that condition to the emphasis we are trying to place on those young
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people, some not so young now, brought to this country, not on their own and dreaming of becoming citizens, of becoming productive citizens in our country, for the president to demean them as he did last night was a very, very low point to me. coming close to that was the president attempted to take for the unemployment rate of african-americans in the country. 2011, the unemployment rate for african americans was about 16%. at what it was women's president took office, it dropped nine points. what it wasok at when this president took office, dropped nine points.
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nine points from 2011 down to the time he took office in one and toents --since imply that his policies caused all of that, to me, was insulting. hope that, as was pointed out already, that if we going to look to the future, rebuild this country's infrastructure, not just roads and bridges but our ports. do what needs to be done for rail. do what needs to be done to make airline travel safer. if we are going to do was needed to be done to rebuild our broadband in rural america, if we are going to do
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what needs to be done to clean up our environment and to produce low-cost, clean energy, we need to get on the same page and we cannot do it with a 10 year, $200 million program. it needs a billion-dollar program. a ten-year program's $20 billion per year for 10 years. we need to flesh out a program much like the president $1.5oned last night trillion program for which he gives is nothing to work with. we can do that in a bipartisan way. we can do that in a way to put people back to work, in a way that middle income families will to the level to educate their children. we can do that in a way that can clean up our environment and make this country a better place.
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and we put our families in a better place. yieldhat, i would like to to the distinguished chair. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. i told my colleagues here today that i cannot stay. i thank them for the work they do day in and day out working -- reaching out for working families. what we saw last night's president trump painted a very dark picture and you contrast that with the remarks that we heard from joe kennedy who was inspirational. andalked about real plans ideas to help hard-working families across the country, the eloquence of delegate guzman speaking directly to the , getting, reaching out the trust of the american people. to do every -- two very different pictures that were painted last night and i believe are the country's today, they
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want to be forward-looking. they are targeted -- they are tired just they are tired of this dark cloud hanging over the administration. there was a lot of talk last night and especially when it came to combating opioid addiction. second not the first or pronouncement this president has made with doing something concrete to help people suffering across the country. actions speak louder than words, mr. president. let's get to work. this is a bipartisan effort. democrats and republicans want to work together so let's do something real to help the american people. night, theent last president did not talk about how the american people, when it comes to access to health care and what the president also did not talk about was the rising premiums at the hands of republicans .>> it is possible
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they willnt trump, increase premiums on the american public. taken with a destabilizing of the marketplace are increasing premiums on the american people and he refused to talk about it. when you look at the difference with where we are today, that dark cloud that continues to hang over the said ministration, the dark picture he painted last night -- to thes in comparison conversation we will continue to have with the american people about how to help all these hard-working families. that's the difference with where we are. let's work together to get people back to work, a real infrastructure plan that is concrete with ideas, not just filled with words. i yield back to mr. connolly. >> thank you, there is something noble. the president said he offered his hand last night. will open it up to questions.
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have you gotten any indication that the white house or republican leaders want to negotiate when it comes to family-based immigration? if so, do you have a deal? , first ofs of that all, the very idea that the president refers to chain migration is insulting. one of the guests he had up and that's whyy his family is here in the united states. the president, of course could could not face that. that's the whole problem. the president's facts, data, evidence, truth have no place in the discussions with the president. anre is a path to finding immigration agreement. the president says
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i like to put something out there and then negotiate back but that has not been the case. he is just setting another bad we have toom which reject. asyou keep the strictly congresswoman sanchez said, rr billo what the he does, it's about dreamers, it's about security. at the border. it captured most of what the border patrol says they need. peas, family unification that's for a larger, comprehensive immigration debate. that's not what this is -- the clock is ticking right now for protections that are being lost as we stand here every day, more than 15,000 already and the number will grow until we pass a bill.
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that?n't we just do build confidence, build bridges and then come to the table and say let's talk about comprehensive immigration reform in a way that addresses the temporary attractive status of so many people in our country which the white house, from time to time, expresses some interest in dealing with. they keep moving around. whether that's a negotiating astic or whatever it is, i've said to them before, that may work on wall street or new york real estate but here, the vote is the currency of the realm. ?hat are the votes people in congress want to know what will the president sign erroneousy basis on newcomers to the country and equating it in a criminal way. what was that about?
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it was worse than confusing. it was dangerous what he said last night. it has instilled fear. brings tears to the eyes of the statue of liberty and instills fear in the hearts of people who are concerned. are you saying that if they republicans push for immigration, it's a nonstarter for your caucus? >> it depends on what it is. if they want to listen, to understand what family unification is instead of calling a chain migration -- i understand that. they are redefining the nuclear family in what they are saying. it just isn't right. you have to have the facts. >> let me reiterate the point. i don't know what you watch on television or not. i was sitting next to the president.
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senator grassley has never voted for an immigration bill said we need to take care of these dreamers who, after all, did not do anything wrong. us including of the chair of the hispanic caucus sitting around. at the end, the president asked if anybody disagrees. not a single voice was raised in opposition to dealing with the daca situation. her number how this happened. the president with through the protections of the docket eligibles. eligibles. he said this was not done correctly. he did not say he disagreed with the policy. he said i love the dreamers. he said was, it should be done legislatively. do it legislatively, send me the bill, i will sign it. i left the white house frankly thinking to myself that the president said to senator grassley and to senator feinstein, yes, that will be the
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first phase. that's how he referred to it. get them of the daca, off the table. everybody agrees, 87% of the american public says you don't have to send those kids to a country that they don't know and is not theirs. 87% of the american public respond in polls, keep them here. and give them a path to citizenship. >> [indiscernible] >> we are trying to get that phase done. leader mccarthy jumped in and said with the president , he called it chain but i corrected him, family reunification. border security and then what they call diversity. clear of whatlly they had in mind until 48 hours
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later. profanely anddent about peopleked coming from countries of color. answer, in my view, and what i'm trying to do in the which, thelaying tri-caucuses are represented, is to get an agreement on what i think the president said to dreamers. and what the overwhelming american public wants to see. we are trying to get there. as you enter into these negotiations to get something on docket and on immigration, it is there a difference between your andtion and senator schumer the caucus where you might have
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to address some of the liberal concerns in your caucus? >> absolutely not, we are totally in unison. i guess itason, attracts attention, there has been some interest in making it we have worked totally in unison on this. if there never -- if there were never one dreamer, there are many, we still have the problem on the caps. this is about parity, the budget bill. say to the trying to an oathans is, we take to protect and defend the american people. we want the security that we need in terms of our defense but our security in the domestic of the domestic budget. it's about homeland security, the veterans affairs administration. state department,
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it's about anti-terrorism activity at the justice department. 1/3 of the domestic budget is a security function. in addition to which, the investment we have to make in health and education well-being of the american people are a source of our strength as well as our military might which is important as well. is about if you want to increase the defense spending and we are not objecting to that, we have to have a commensurate increase on the domestic side. andannot increase defense bleed the domestic budget. part of what we are putting out there is bipartisan. everything we talk about is a bipartisan bill in terms of the affordable care act, when the republicans had the republicans cheering about the -- about lifting the mandate, that was a republican idea.
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riders, mandate that everyone had to participate. to get back to this point -- what we have been proposing both in what we are talking about in terms of dreamers has been bipartisan. in terms of infrastructure, that's never been partisan, it's always been bipartisan. now, republicans would resist. now, on this, we are saying let's increase the domestic budget in the following way. important investments in stopping the opioid epidemic. the president said it's important, you have to put the money there. the funding for our veterans, we know they need more funding. it's on the domestic side of the agenda. increase the funding for our veterans. national institutes of health, the power to cure requires more.
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a scientific opportunity and a moral responsibility to honor that an that's job creating as well. addressing our pension issue and separate from that, the entire issue on the emergency funding side of disaster assistance, puerto rico and the virgin islands having a big shortfall and addressing the other needs of states with hurricanes and dangerous fires. everything we are talking about is not have a partisan tilt to it. they are issues if you ask people on the floor, it would win the bipartisan vote. if there were never one dreamer, we still have to decide because they don't want to fund the domestic side. that's what it's about and the have to try to sell that to their members by increasing defense at the expense of domestic and we can do better.
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yes, the dreamers are part of that negotiation but we are there yet on the money. nobody should say the dreamers are holding up that. when you dealt with former president george w. bush, you had big disagreements over the war and social security. but you had a relatively productive relationship. you may have been helped by the fact that he was not running for reelection. when you look ahead to potentially being in the majority next year, can you forge a productive relationship with president trump? appreciate your calling that to everyone's attention. why we had serious disagreements, the war in iraq was a tragedy for our nation. hopefully one day, there will be an admission of that. nonetheless, not to hold us up on issues we had to move forward with for the american people.
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we were able to find agreement. we passed the biggest energy build a history of our country. caucused nuclear, or wanted renewables. it was like taking tens of millions of cars off the road in terms of emissions. he wanted pepfar and we wanted big pepcar, the drugs addressing the hiv. he and mrs. bush continue to be involved in that issue and they are to be saluted for that. other issues related to using ,he tax code to help people using the tax code to help people at the low end of the economic scale, very progressive agenda. the list goes on and on. contrary to what the republicans did when they took the majority and president obama was there and they said our most important
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thing we can do is to make sure he does not succeed. that's un-american. it's unpatriotic. we always have a responsibility to find common ground in the minority or the majority. can't find a, we must stand around, that's our responsibility to the american people as well. open toonstantly finding solutions that meet the needs of the american people but to do so that does not go to the lowest common denominator but to some kind of vision, a better future, a better deal, better jobs and better pay, a better future. who can disagree with that? weeku spoke earlier this that if democrats take back congress, you would want to work on a fair tax system. tell us more about what you mean. is that a repeal and replace of the new tax law? >> it may have to be.
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mr. crowley and congressman sanchez are on the ways and means committee. we have always said that you cannot do this tax bill without having it being bipartisan. want to recognize that we should perhaps lower the corporate rate. you need sustainability in a tax reform. it has to be bipartisan. instead, they can up with something that gives 83% of the benefits to the top 1%. most families will be paying more in taxes and took is deeply into debt to the tune of $2 trillion when you include the interest on the national debt giving a permanent tax cut of over $1 trillion to corporate america. that's not right. there is a better way to do that. our path as to what it would
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look like is it would be bipartisan. >> i would say briefly that the benefit to the bill was a bipartisan bill. in conjunction with then speaker o'neill and president reagan, that was entirely lacking and there was no democratic input. it's reflective in the bill that was plat -- that was passed. we would look toward having a more fair and balanced approach to tax writing in the democratic majority. on the tax bill, 83 .1% goes to the top 1% and corporations. 16.9% to everyone else. when you for the break that down and see what mated to the middle class, i recognize there was something there but it does not add up all stop this is simply not fair. the american people see that. that's why they are overwhelmingly rejecting this. tied to the super pac
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paul ryan says sell it to the american people because they see it for the scam that it is. say the republicans continue to try to pull the wool over the eyes of the american people and they are smarter than that. one thing that's not being talked about, once upon a time, fox used to profess these commitments from our republican colleagues about budgets that would get adopted in their commitments to get this done and certainty for the military. they seem to be ignoring the cost. when secretary mattis is the are bad forr's national security and military preparedness, they need to be called out. my republican colleagues need to be called out for that. it's not good for the country and democrats are willing to work together. democrats are willing to work together in a bipartisan way today. we don't see that outreach from the president or our republican colleagues and that has to change and that's what the american people want.
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they want to see what we will do. there are a enough concerns with the other side and want people to come together and get real results and i am hopeful we can carry the conversation forward and make sure that 2018 comes to be a year we can put the american people first and earn their trust and get back to work. >> thank you very much. caller[captions copyright natiol cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a number of comments and questions in his briefing on immigration, the issue of not likely to come up in republican retreat according to politico.
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they say congressional republicans will talk about how to sell their tax law and restructure while dining with president trump and mike have -- and the vice president at their retreat in west virginia. this is the party will sidestep an explosive discussion on the issue of demo -- of immigration agree to a schedule obtained by politico. it's also reported about next week's democrat meeting saying former vice president joe biden will be the keynote speaker at the democrats three-day gathering which kicks off in cambridge, maryland on wednesday, february 7. more live coverage coming up today here on c-span. georgetown university law center supreme court institute hosts a discussion of the court's current term including a look at the maryland gerrymandering case , the most recent challenge to the presence latest travel ban live at 4:00 p.m. eastern. after that come another review of president trump's first state of the union address moderated by former cbs anchor bob schieffer.
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at 5:30 p.m.erway eastern. tonight, vermont independent senator bernie sanders and former presidential candidate leads a group of climate activists in calling on the trump administration to adapt tougher policies and climate change and the fossil fuel industry. it's being billed as a climate state of the union and we will have a live for you from george washington university at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. later today, the vice president will speak at the republican retreat and we will have that p.m. on her at 7:15 companion network, c-span2. this morning, the morning after the state of the union, mike allen spoke with a number of congressional members, members of congress about last night's speech. susan collins, house democratic web -- with the steny hoyer and the rankingem


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